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Good morning dear Nelly
Thanks a lot for your kind attention and valuable help. Your customer service is excellent, goes beyond any expectations. God bless you.

Again thank you so much.

Luz P.

This is to attest Ms. Sabrina Ferreira has been our home insurance agent for several years through Seeman Holtz . She has provided us with great customer service all the time. In addition, she has acted very professional in every request for her assistance related to our insurance. My husband and I are very pleased to count with Sabrina as our agent because she has proven she is the ideal representative that is always willing to help and holds a positive attitude towards solving any issues a homeowner may have. We really appreciate all she does for us as our agent and we only have great comments regarding her work.
Best Regards,
Cynthia N.

I’ve been working with Joseph Paluzzi for a few years now and he has always been very professional and incredibly helpful. I highly recommend his services.
Joseph C.

So a couple days ago I made a post in regards to finding a new insurance due to them dropping me cause of my previous accidents! Well I took y’alls recommendation & checked out Matt. He beat all of my previous quotes by almost $300 less a month! So im doing what y’all did for me & recommending Matt! Thanks buddy!
Jordan W.

I am the Director of Administration for a stone company and Alyssa Carlin with Seeman Holtz has been my agent for several years now. In all the years we have been working with her, she has always provided us with excellent customer service. Alyssa has helped us to understand what we need and how to protect ourselves in the event we need it. She is fast and knowledgeable and always gets right back to me when I need her. I have used several different insurance companies before meeting Alyssa, and I can tell you that she far and above exceeds any other company’s performance. I have continuous other insurance companies trying to get my business, and I always tell them that we are very happy with our agent and we are not interested in changing. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for commercial insurance. Thank you Alyssa! You are amazing!!!!!
Karen H.

Thanks for all your help, Matt! Usually dread shopping for insurance but you made it super easy… AND saved us money!
Terri F.

Dave, Frank and Kathy at the Dunedin branch are the best in the Business! They have saved me and my Family money on home and Auto while doubling my coverage! When I call their office, I feel like I’m talking with my family! No other insurance provider can beat their service!
Paula P.

This is a “shout out” to excellence with respect to Steve Roth and Cory Broder of SHPC. Several months back I transferred the majority of my Real Estate Homeowner Insurances to Steve Roth. In the months of April/May of this year I received a non-renewal notice from Citizens with respect to my Duplex in Dade County. Citing the age of the Roof, Citizens would not renew the policy. I received a CSR phone call from Cory Broder who was deep into his conversation before I mentioned to him it was me, G. Bruce. Cory was without question a very positive and professional voice advising me of the need to take action. I contracted and secured a new roof with two weeks to spare, however……..Citizens nickeled and dimed on the renewal. Cory was like a blood hound and stayed on them and at the same time kept me informed of the ever-evolving status. Steve came into the picture when Citizens didn’t like the signature on the Permit and then didn’t think we had enough pictures of the completed roof etc. Steve went into action and stayed in the fray. When Steve realized that Citizens was not going to renew before the existing policy ending date, he arranged for an alternative Carrier liability policy. We completed the application and submitted. All ended well- Citizens renewed the policy effective the previous policy ending date. In addition, Steve returned my check as he got the Liability policy rescinded. I’ve personally never experienced client care to this degree. “High Five” To Steve and Cory for doing whatever it took to make it happen.
G Bruce

Hello Mr. Moore,
It was a pleasure speaking with you over the phone and confirming the car insurance that I will be receiving. I am so excited of the new and low quote you provided. I appreciate how fast you have provided me with quotes for my car in home insurance. I am so glad that I was recommended to you by my co-worker, she (Sonya Powell) spoke very highly of you and mention that you would not lead me astray. I look forward letting her know that as of now I am very satisfied and appreciate her recommendation and now it feels that a burden has been lifted off my shoulders. I will review my home insurance and compare it to what you have provided and call you if I have any questions or concerns.
John D.

Tami! You are amazing!!! Thank you so much! You all always work at the speed of light!

I had the pleasure of working with one of the advisors Joe Paluzzi. Joe took the time to understand my financial needs and provided options that would benefit me now and in the future. It was a great experience and I look forward to working with Joe in the future.

Craig T.

Alyssa Carlin made the whole process painless. She was patient, warm, and friendly. Gave us great coverage.
Jadeling R.

Spoke to Soraya DeSouza, and came into the office. I had a great experience with her. She is a very nice person and I was happy to deal with her.
Kathleen C.

Dear Alyssa Carlin,
Happy Thanksgiving! Of all the things I have to be thankful for, you and Seeman Holtz are most certainly included! I have learned in my short tenure as a business owner, there are as many con-artists in the professional realm as there are in the streets and ghettos… I searched long and hard for over a month for the simple task of acquiring comprehensive insurance. You and your company were gracious, thorough, and effective in facilitating my request. It is one of the things I am very grateful and thankful for this Thanksgiving. My neighbor at my used car dealership is utilizing your services for their insurance needs. Their name is Drive in Pease LLC. God bless you and Happy Thanksgiving.

Yours Truly,

Sebastian B.

Thank you Tami for all of your efforts. We’ve had Sterling/Seeman Holtz as our insurance broker for almost 5 years now, and your service has been outstanding.
Thanh T.

We have gotten quote after quote for car insurance and have never been able to get our costs down. I sent our information over the Jennifer and Ryan and within 30 minutes they were able to save us $1000.00 on our car insurance!!! I could not be happier with the outcome and the service provided and I will be recommending them to everyone I know! Thank you again for all your help!
Lindsey M.

Joey Paluzzi has been exceptional. Helped us with our retirement portfolio and insurance matters. He is an excellent listener and promotes service vs product.
Jim C.

Thank You, Nelly Santiago
Customer Service Representative
You provide the very best service I’m not kidding. How about conference calling me between you guys and the giant finance company. More than I could imagine to solve the problem! All is well and it’s your diligence that got me through. Peace & Love,
Peter M.

In summation, Joe Paluzzi has earned our trust and we have little doubt the other Seeman*Holtz advisors operate under the same set of principles. No pressure alternative, niche, holistic investing with a long-term perspective.
Larry & Kiki K.

A big thanks to Corey Broder in the Boca Raton office for providing outstanding service. What a pro!
Jennifer D.

He made everything so simple and always has time to answer my questions like I’m the only customer he has. I highly recommend him and he’s always very honest and reliable and doesn’t just sell you on something just to make money.
Matt M.

Ian and Fritz, thank for your time on Tuesday. Enjoyed talking with you about a variety of topics. Love to hear what you like about the book and connecting in May. Take care.

Thank you so much for saving the day with the new Insurance coverage in a matter of an hour or two. We really appreciate it! (More business coming your way!)
Eric C.

I have been a client for a few years. During that time Yarixa have always provided exceptional customer service. I am most impressed with her always calling me prior to my renewal period , then searching for better rates to offer in her efforts to assist. I have NEVER had an agent service my policy so efficiently before ! To me thats dedication, caring for her clients and is a rear quality! Thank you and Keep up the great work Yarixa !!
Patrina F.

My name is Midyivia Torres, I am very satisfied with the service, attention, kindness, of who is today my insurance agent. We started by insuring my cars and today is my agent for everything both personally and commercially. She is the best, thanks Yarixa Serrano.
Midyivia T.

We cannot thank Peter Beck and Erika Wrobel enough for all the work you guys have done to help through the financial mistakes we had made before we met you. Only God could have brought you to us and we wish he sends more clients like us to you. Peter and Erica, we are so thankful for you from the bottom of our hearts once again. We will be in touch very soon.
Castel & Jocelyne T.

My wife and I recently switched insurance companies. As a result of an inspection (after we switched carriers), the new insurer said they were cancelling our policy in 20 days. Naturally, my wife and I were very upset and concerned. I immediately contacted Sabrina Ferreira, my SeemanHoltz representative. Sabrina was immediately “on the case”. After several days of back and forth with the insurance company, Sabrina was able to convince them to rescind the cancellation of our insurance policy. Sabrina was very understanding regarding our concerns and very diligent and professional in procuring a happy outcome. We are very grateful for her efforts!
Michael B.

Thank you all so much for your prompt customer service. I really am pleasantly surprised at how quickly you all responded. I called the customer service line and I’m able to get into my account now. I even received a phone call as follow up. You guys rock as a whole team!! Thank you! Happy holidays!

Matthew Snyder has gone above and beyond in securing Homeowners and Auto Insurance for me. There were obstacles to overcome, and Matthew did an outstanding job to push through those obstacles for me to secure both Homeowner’s and Auto Insurance. Matthew is outstanding, awesome, and went above and beyond what was expected of him. Thank you Matt! You are stuck with me forever!
Penny D.

Finding people you can trust, people that are there when you need them, can be very difficult. However, I have found that with Tami Sosa at Seeman Holtz. Regardless of what I need or when I need it (usually last minute), Tami is there for me and I feel that she really has my back.
Kee C.

Matthew Snyder did an excellent job taking care of us. He was very professional and knowledgeable. He answered all our questions and truly explained to me what my insurance needs are specific to me. I will continue to refer business his way. Thank you, Matthew!
Paige R.

We have been Seeman Holtz clients since 2006 and pleased with the company. For individuals invested in the stock market, Seeman Holtz provides many alternative investments. Joey Paluzzi, our current advisor for the last several years, is always professional and knowledgeable. He advises based on our needs and takes into consideration our whole financial and personal situation. He is always willing to take the time to find answers to our questions even if it requires calls to different agencies or insurance companies. Joey’s warm personality puts clients at ease; there is a two-way street of trust and respect. Recently Mayte Carratala began working with Joey so now we have the advantage of two great advisors.
Bob & Dianne W.

Sometimes I forget to make my payment on time because it’s not an automatic debit. The staff here are so amazing and always so helpful and never give me a hard time about being careless! Caroline went above and beyond today to assist me with my late payment as well as adjusting the bill to fit my current insurance needs! For the past five years I’ve had nothing but the upmost positive experience with this company!
Amy H.

Matt and the staff at FCI are very professional and knowledgeable in the insurance business. Matt explains everything and makes sure there is no confusion when you leave his office. I highly recommend FCI for all your insurance needs!
Jim S.

Dear Lisa and Paula,
In all my years of handling the bills, insurance, doctor bills, etc for my family, I have NEVER gotten such excellent service from a company! As soon as I send an email, it is immediately acknowledged.Then before the end of the day, the situation has been rectified and handled.
Just incredible. I really appreciate your excellent service!!

Ms. Serrano helped me find insurance that worked for my family and I. As newly wedded couple it hard to navigate all the changes. However, Ms. Serrano has been incredible in reviewing are separate policies, and coming up with a plan that works for us. She is our insurance agent of choice. Always diligent, and patient. Wouldn’t choose a different agent.
Rachell T.

Dear Del,
This letter is well over due. It’s been over 13 years you have been my insurance agent or guru. I would be lost without you. It’s that time of year again when my insurance is renewed and I must pay the annual premium. Your service is incredible, answering all my questions, making sure I never miss a premium, following up on any needs that arise throughout the years. You always make time for me 24/7, days, nights, weekends you always are there. Every year you review my insurance with me as if it’s my first year and I appreciate it more than words can express. As my business changes you make sure my insurance changes appropriately with it. I feel confident because I know you take good care of me and my business needs with insurance. I am probably one of your smallest accounts or clients but you make me feel like family. Our 13 year relationship is one of my longest relationship personally and in business. I tell you every time we speak how much I appreciate your guidance and handling my insurance needs. Today I am documenting it in writing because I am truly grateful and you deserve praise in keeping this client at the highest level of satisfaction. Thank you, for the excellent service and follow-up over the years. You know I believe you are the Best.
Juanita F.

Hi to All, Yesterday, I contacted your agency to purchase new auto insurance and I was under a deadline to do so and in the midst of an extreme medical crisis. What I was greeted with immediately was kindness and a clear sense of what needed to be done. My questions were clearly answered and I was told that you and your team would get back to me. I jumped the gun and called you back and within minutes, I had insurance with the lowest premium I have paid ever! My thanks to Ryan and Joselle who started the process and put me at ease and a very special thanks to Sabrina who completed the process with dignity and grace with some humor thrown in.You are a world class team and I am thrilled to be a part of it all. Many thanks to all of you.
Carole G.

You and everyone at Seeman Holtz very prompt when responding to my emails. You are also very helpful with providing info if I’m stuck, and you’ve provided me with COI even though it’s not your area. And finally I love that you always follow up if you don’t hear back from me!!
Once again thank you!!
Paula L.

Dear Ryan (Seeman Holtz Employee)
I would like to extend my gratitude for your help with my claim from Irma during a very trying time. When I called to ask you to add my upper lanai structure onto my policy you took the time to investigate my particular situation. Mine, being an add-on was not covered under my HOA and Tower Hill had denied it also. You requested Tower Hill open the claim and the end result is payment for my damage. I am beyond pleased and I owe it all to you.
Many thanks
Louise R.

I recently had to make an urgent call to Seeman Holtz that required immediate attention. To my great surprise and satisfaction, Customer Service Supervisor Corey Broder delivered excellent, professional service. Corey solved the entire issue in minutes! My previous call to Seeman Holtz was expedited by Customer Service Supervisor Corey Broder. Corey quickly gathered the facts and reached out to call a 3rd party involved. Literally within five minutes Corey called back with a resolution to my problem. In addition, Corey requested the 3rd party send an email to both of us that specifically settled the entire issue. So kudos to Corey Broder and Seeman Holtz for an outstanding job!
Dennis P.

I just want to tell you how much I appreciate your helping my mother in law with the renewal of her homeowner’s policy. She is on a limited budget, and when we received our April renewal in the mail, she was stunned by the premium amount. I was going to look into getting quotes, but had no had time to do so yet. It was such a pleasant surprise that you sent us an email stating you had found better, and less expensive coverage with another Carrier. It was so nice not to have to do all the leg work. I also appreciate your taking time to explain to my elderly mother-in-law everything you had done, and working with me to obtain payment. You certainly went above and beyond. Thank you so much for your help! I hope you can forward this to your employer. We are very pleased with our experience with you! Thank you, Susan!
Valorie S.

Matt went above and beyond to help me get affordable auto insurance! He was able to answer any and all questions I had right away! It was such a great experience working with him!!
Kelcie F.

Dear people, Amanda was my insurance agent and did a wonderful service to me.
She went beyond to make my life changes smooth and I love her professional quality.
Amanda stands strong for your company and needs of all that come in to receive information about insurance. Lots could be said for her ability.
Allen P.

My name Stan E… I want thank Shelby for helping me retire. I was turning 80 and still working every day and had no idea how I was going to stop working. I owned my own swimming pool business cleaning and repairs and it was getting more and more difficult to out each day One afternoon I received a call from Shelby and she asked if she could meet and go over my financial status. Normally I would turn that down but this time I said why not. Best decision I think I ever made. She was able to find a way for me to invest some CDs and other investment.
And my wife had made many years ago and I had no idea what I could do with them now (my wife passed away 12 years ago) so Shelby went to work to reinvest in much better way. I can say I’m living comfortably retired with the social security and monthly interest I receive This all is possible because of Shelby’s incredible knowledge and willingness to help she has an incredible knowledge of ev Ryan financial situation and the best way to invest. Thank you Seeman Holtz for her.
Stan E.

Hello, I want I brag on Hunter Black He was very helpful and felt like he was very honest with me and he is very quick to respond
Tim L.

I have worked in Corporate America for over 20 years, I have found that it is far and few when an acknowledgement is made when there is a job well done. Last week on a Friday (well after business hours) with a pressing hurricane, Mathew worked above and beyond well into the evening to secure my policy . This is the work ethic that needs to be acknowledged at performance review time. Mathew was referred to me by Daryl Kutner and both worked to see the binding of the policy through to the end late Friday night. While this was not the make your quarter sale, it was handled as though it was. Many thanks Mathew
John T.

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