Insurance Quote in Boca Raton, FL

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Home insurance protects what is most likely your single greatest physical asset. Your policy can also be extended to include your belongings in the event of natural disaster or burglary.


Auto insurance is required by law for anyone who owns a vehicle, but the minimum coverage required is often not enough to provide peace of mind or protect your vehicle from damage in the event of a minor accident or weather damage. Make sure you’re covered for anything that could happen on the road.


Our life insurance policies provide peace of mind not only to you, but also to your family, who will need support during a difficult time of loss.


If you run or own a business, commercial insurance is a must, and will protect your legacy and future income from the dynamic business environment where profits and safety are never guaranteed.


In Florida and many other coastal or lake states, our clients are avid watersport enthusiasts. Seeman Holtz Family of Companies can help you insure all of your motorized or non-motorized boats and equipment./p>


Even if you plan to spend your retirement years renting a small apartment or home, you should still purchase renter’s insurance to cover your belongings in the event of damage.


Umbrella insurance provides an extra layer of affordable liability protection for your persona assets and future earnings. Why is this important? Because accidents happen and that’s why people have insurance. Make sure you are not at risk.


Let our agents build a custom policy to protect you and your motorcycle while you are on the road or parked. We have access to several companies and are licensed throughout the US allowing us to provide you with the most competitive rates.


RV’s include a wide range of vehicles. From motor-homes to camper vans and various bus configurations. The type of insurance will vary depending on the type of RV that you have and how much you use it. Fill out the form below to learn what might be best for you.

Call us nationwide at: (800) 991-3592

Call us nationwide at:
(800) 991-3592