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Our story

Our goal is to earn the business of our clients, and we understand the only way succeed is to consistently provide value. Starting with our initial conversation, we strive to educate clients on our process, core philosophies, and our service model.

Seeman Holtz works with clients based upon feedback we’ve developed over 15 years of working with retirees. Eric and Marshal met as freshman roommates at Washington University (St. Louis) and have been close friends ever since. When they started working together, they spent years identifying how various products and strategies fit (or didn’t fit) into different family situations most effectively. Eventually, our team left salesmanship behind to become trusted and experienced advisers, incorporating our formal client service model in 2007. Each day, we become better at our craft, and each day our clients benefit more from the relationship.

With core philosophies and unmatched client appreciation and service, Seeman Holtz has a clear vision to be the most respected family of companies in the nation.

What we believe

The Seeman Holtz family of companies was built to provide the highest quality value added client service in the industry.

Our proactive team focus is on insurance, comprehensive risk management, and comprehensive financial advice. Whether you’re an individual or a family, business owner or employee, high net worth or just starting out, working professional or retiree, we want you as a client and have the expertise you’re looking for.

We strive to earn all the business from all of our clients. We learned long ago that if you provide value to your client relationships, they will not only keep their business with you but they’ll give you more and refer the people they know…

Please take some time to get to know our family of companies.

Call us nationwide at: (800) 991-3592

Call us nationwide at:
(800) 991-3592